7 Easy Techniques To Make Motivation A Habit

Motivation Activates Behaviour Towards A Goal

Motivation is scientifically defined as one?s general willingness to do something. Getting deeper, motivation can also be termed as the set of psychological forces that enforce you to take an action.

Essence of Motivation

Essentially, motivation is the result of your action, and not the main cause of action. To get yourself started, even though by taking a small step, is a form of active inspiration that gives you the momentum. To make life simpler, you just need to set some routine schedules for yourself. This practice will put your decision-making on an autopilot mode, thereby, feeding your goals with time and place to live. This eventually makes you more likely to follow through the routine, regardless of your motivation levels.

Once we begin a task, it becomes easy to continuously move it forward. In other words, we often find it easy to finish a task, rather than starting it in the first place. Connecting Newton?s First Law with the habit formation, objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Hence, once you gain momentum of getting yourself motivated, it will soon become your habit.

The important question over here is - what needs to be done to make it more likely that we overcome this mental threshold, and keep ourselves consistently motivated.

Make Motivation A Habit

To make motivation a habit, you can build better rituals around these 7 simple techniques.

1. Identify Your Weakness:

First, you need to get tough with yourself. Ask questions as to what your real issues and fears are. Just sticking a band-aid on your shortcomings won?t serve the purpose. To realize what is putting you off your work or task will make you move away from the past and make the progress. Hence, to make motivation a habit, first identify the feeling behind those fears and then work towards a solution.

2. Trigger Your Mindset:

Even after you?ve identified the shortcomings, you would realize that your biggest enemy is your mindset. Something still stops you from overcoming your weakness. Some voice inside you still says, ?This is too hard? or ?You cannot do this?. Regrettably, there is no quick fix to this. The only solution is that you work on your mindset every single day. As they say, there is no substitute for hard work, likewise, you need to work upon your inner self every new day, if you want to make motivation a habit. Even if your thoughts get negative, follow it up with one positive comment. For instance, if that voice says ?I?m not good at this?, you should add, ?Yet, I need to keep working on this?. You just need to trigger your thoughts positively.

3. Encircle With Inspiration:

Irrespective of the industry you work for, one of the easiest ways to get motivated is to read books you like, listen to your favourite podcasts, and follow the people that inspire you. Learning new ideas will get you moving and motivate you enough to take action. If you want to make motivation a habit, then make sure you are reading, viewing, or listening to those things that inspire you. It ain?t that difficult, isn?t it?

4. Make Your Routine:

The idea of freedom to do whatever you feel, although is appealing, but is not always practical. You need to stick to those habits day in and day out and make it a part of your daily routine. Starting the day off well can boost you for the rest of the day smoothly. Take the bull by its horns. Start with the hardest task first and you will be stunned to see, not only how faster you work, but also, how much more you can achieve in a day. Just explore yourself. If you want to make motivation a habit, then you ought to set up a daily routine.

5. Get Rid of Distractions:

If this was to be a story, then probably motivation would have been the protagonist and distraction would have been the antagonist of your life story. Most of the current time social media platforms and daily notifications although seem to be harmless, they still have got a dark side to them which can easily land you in astray. If you were on a diet, would you stock up your pantry with chocolates? Likewise, if you are not able to motivate yourself at work, would you further sabotage your productivity by getting hitched to social media? You should get rid of this temptation from your workspace if you want to make motivation a habit. Think over it again!

6. Visualise Your Goals:

Although the adage goes like ?focus on the journey rather than the end goal?, but sometimes in life, it can be motivating enough to look at what you want to achieve and where you would want to finish. Hence, ask yourself questions like: Why is this task important for me? What will it help me achieve in the long run? Just by visualizing your end goals, and asking such questions to yourself, you can easily make motivation a habit.

7. A 30-Day Dossier:

Science says that 30 days is all it takes to make anything a habit. The early days are the real tough ones, but if you manage to sail through the first seven days with your will, then things do get easy for you. Devoting yourself to something for 30 days is a pretty manageable target. With determination and grit, you can turn any task into a natural habit. Hence, the final dossier to make motivation a habit is to commit yourself to work on it for 30 days non-stop. And the result will be in your favour. Do try it out!

Motivation seems to be an elusive thing especially when you are not attuned to it. Thus, making it a habit can reduce all your struggles in life. You just need to identify what is it that holds you back, daily work on your mindset, seek inspiration, set up your daily routine, envision your end goals, and get committed to working upon your motivation for a month if you seriously look to improve your productivity.

Set the ball rolling, and start working on these techniques. Results will surely be in your favour!


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