5 Important Life Lessons Learned During Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Important Life Lessons Learned During Coronavirus Pandemic

Not even in the wildest of dreams, one would have thought of facing perhaps the biggest standstill of our lifetime. Come end of March 2020, each of our lives reached an impasse in every possible facet of life, owing to the pandemic induced lockdown.

Not mentioning the worldwide devastation caused by the Virus, this very CoronaVirus pandemic has taught us some vital life lessons which will be imprinted on our inner system for a very long time.

Going by public health experts? opinion, the virus will continue to be a threat for years to come. Even though the vaccine is expected to offer measures of protection to society, it is anticipated that the virus is very much likely to make a comeback from time to time and may need constant battling.

Resilience being one of the strongest life lessons learnt in the past few months, let us look at the other factors that made us stronger human beings.


The CoronaVirus pandemic gave us a chance to reconnect with our family and close friends and understand them closely, thereby, presenting the opportunity of improvising upon our interpersonal relationships as well. It presented us the chance to create some new collections of memory by getting the creative best out of us whilst spending time together with our loved ones.

It is an essential life lesson to devote time and attention to people closest to you. In this technology-driven age, you just cannot give excuses anymore to get disconnected from people who care for you and vice-versa. It is time to let go of past issues, and apparently, forgive each other and start afresh.


Until now many people used to take their health for granted. But thanks to the pandemic wave, everyone has realized the sheer importance of prioritizing their health now. Paying attention to the food intake, daily routine activities, working on developing healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle is an important life lesson taught by the CoronaVirus.

Unless we take proper care of ourselves, we will not be able to fight any virus, not just CoronaVirus. Meditation and yoga are found not just to be great stress relievers, but also helpful in improving our inner immune system to quite an extent. Paying attention to our activity and movement turns out to be the new norm health-wise.


To quite a few, especially from the younger generation, making unplanned ad hoc online shopping used to be a great stressbuster until recently. However, things have extremely changed post the pandemic-led bankruptcy with many of the shoppers. It has taught us the lesson for life on how much we need to spend to survive, and how much of spending is unnecessary.

Every penny saved is a penny earned - this very statement accentuates the importance of saving money, as it is always a wise thing to keep something for an emergency. The current situation has shown us that we do not need more to be able to be happy. Whatever we have is pretty good enough, and rather we should be thankful for it. All the excess expenditure seems to be effortless in cutting out of our lives.


Within the CoronaVirus pandemic phase, many employees have either suffered pay cuts or have lost their jobs completely. Within this period unemployment witnessed it?s biggest low ever. As per ILO-ADB Report covered by Economic Times, ?41 lakh youth lose jobs in India due to the CoronaVirus pandemic?. People who had that fighting spirit within them took risks of multiple income streams which opened new horizons for them. Of course, not everyone could dare take the risk, as either their limited skill sets did not allow them to explore new opportunities, or they were kind of bogged down under their expectations.

The life lessons learned during the pandemic lockdown was to create a parallel career of income going forward. As Warren Buffen said, ?Never depend on a single source of income? and this very statement turns out to be apt in the current scenario. Multiple sources of income give the much-needed cushion to all the employees and entrepreneurs who have been affected in one way or the other. The current crisis has taught us a life lesson that you just don?t know what can happen to you, you rather be prepared with your options.


As if leading a life full of stress and strain was not enough, here entered the CoronaVirus pandemic to add its zing into our lives. And with it came depression, anxiety, confinement, boredom, mental imbalance, fear, insanity, insecurity, so on and so forth - all interconnected to each other in their forms. It is a new battle for all of us to fight day in and day out and being spiritually well equipped and mentally tough will warrant your success.

Just like physical health, spiritual health is also of paramount importance and needs to be tackled wisely. The barometer to check your spiritual well being is your happiness quotient. The life lesson here is the need to nurture your mental health with regular courses of meditation and yoga. When your mind is happy and strong from inside, then you get more strength to fight the outer enemies like the CoronaVirus. The spiritual quotient is something that needs to be honed to stay strong and vigorous in the battlefield of life.

It is very apparent that times are changing, and many more surprises are yet to be witnessed in the future. We need to adapt to the life-changing events and need to be prepared for anything that life throws at us.

The current CoronaVirus pandemic situation is a blessing in disguise. This phase of life is giving us time to refocus on time and purpose of life. It?s probably time to reinvent, rejuvenate, reassure, restart, recalibrate, realize and restore ourselves with the life lessons taught by the pandemic.

The above life lessons learned during the CoronaVirus pandemic period will not only make you stronger than before but will also keep you ready to face any extreme situations in the future.

It?s time we ask ourselves?

Are we ready to re-orient and re-invent ourselves, so that no future setbacks affect us as much as this one?


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