Advanced Technology Avails Less Accidents After Consuming Alcohol.

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Detection using facial monitoring system

A camera is mounted on the instrument cluster facing the driver to monitor the driver's face. The system is calibrated to monitor the driver's state of consciousness through the blinking of the eyes. When the system detects signs of drowsiness, a voice and message alert is triggered via the navigation system. Additionally, a seat-belt mechanism is activated which tightens around the driver to gain his or her immediate attention.

Detection of the driver's state from the Driving behavior

By constantly monitoring the operational behavior of the vehicle (e.g. sensing if the vehicle is drifting out of its driving lane), the system can identify signs of inattentiveness or distraction in the driver. When the system detects such behavior, voice and message alerts are issued via the navigation system. The seatbelt alert mechanism is also activated, tightening around the driver to gain immediate attention. Features

Detection using alcohol odor sensors

A hi-sensitivity alcohol sensor is built into the transmission shift knob, which is able to detect the presence of alcohol in the perspiration of the driver's palm as he or she attempts to start driving. When the alcohol-level detected is above the pre-determined threshold, the system automatically locks the transmission, immobilizing the car. A "drunk-driving" voice alert is also issued via the car navigation system.

Additional alcohol odor sensors are also incorporated into the drivers and passenger seats to detect the presence of alcohol in the air inside the vehicle cabin. When alcohol is detected, the system issues both a voice alert and a message alert on the navigation system monitor.


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