Air travel and Safety: Things to Keep in Mind On Flight?Find Out How!

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While travelling it is important to keep safety in mind. Safety should be our top priority during travel and airline travel safety is an important aspect of any trip that requires flying aboard. Air travel is one of the safest modes of transportation.

Engine failures can be caused by mechanical problems in the engine itself, such as damage to portions of the turbine or oil leaks, as well as damage outside the engine such as fuel pump problems or fuel contamination. A turbine engine failure can also be caused by entirely external factors, such as volcanic ash, bird strikes or weather conditions like precipitation or icing. Weather risks such as these can sometimes be countered through the usage of supplementary ignition or anti-icing systems.

In this the engine failure or the fire condition can be detected which will immediately detach the passenger cabin within seconds with the help of parachutes above and inflated tubes below, the passenger cabin will land safely along with personal belongings. The emergency engine is also activated simultaneously. Now, after the passenger cabin is separated, the remaining part is very light, so it can be saved if there are any chances. The crew members save themselves with personal parachutes.

Engine fires have been known to burn through the firewalls, letting flames enter the cockpit of single engine airplanes and even burn through wing spars

In case of engine failure, there will be a speed detector which detects the abnormalities in the engine and will detach the passenger cabin. The central controller directs signal to main aviation control which detaches the cabin and activates the emergency engine.

In case if fire, there will be a temperature sensor which will send signals to the central controller. The central controller will send signal to the main aviation control by LCD and buzzer. The passenger cabin is fitted with the GPS receiver. So the data can be passed to the nearest airport and help can be got without any delay. We can safely conclude that saving life is possible.

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