Amazing!National Level Science Exhibition, Motivates Children!

Why Is A Science Fair Conducted?

A science fair experiment is generally a competition where participants present their science project, results in the form of a report, display board, and models that they have created. Science fairs allow students in elementary, middle and high schools to compete in science and technology activities.and science exhibition is important for school develop a scientific spirit and curiosity in a student which in turn forces them to think and creatively find solutions to the challenges. Students enjoy learning through such exhibition and feel a sense of belongingness as they make the models with their own hands. In education, the term exhibition refers to projects, presentations, or products through which students exhibit what they have learned, usually as a way of demonstrating whether and to what degree they have achieved expected learning standards or learning objectives.

An exhibition is a platform for the students to work together in groups.

This gives the opportunity for the students to develop social and moral skills. Students apart from the scientific knowledge learn to respect each other?s views and thoughts, sharing experiences, cooperating with each other, managerial skills, skills of leadership, helping and caring about the feelings of fellow members.

When the presentation is ready, during the exhibition the students learn public speaking and it helps the students remove the fear of speaking in public. They represent their model and explain its uses and functions. This kind of science exhibitions boosts the confidence of the students and develops their interest and curiosity even further. This student of schools makes various types of the project by which we can make or create something new. This can help us to make or introduce new things.

Research Institutes Who Conduct National Level Science Exhibition:

Science Fair For Young Children

International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)

Western India Science Fair, Chhatisgarh


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