Automatic Traffic Signals: For Road Safety? Find Out!

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Why Is Road Safety Necessary?

Road safety is a topic that has been, since time immemorial, an important part of our school learning as it is the primary basis for ensuring road safety for young children. Children in schools at a young age learn precautions such as looking both sides before crossing and to always use a pedestrian crossing while doing so. However, children are often excited and distracted at younger ages and may sometimes forget to follow these precautions, leading to harm caused to them through an accident. Hence, it is important for the government to reinforce these children?s safety on the roads, especially near these schools. It is for this reason that speed limits are much lower near schools as per the Motor Vehicles Act of India.

Another proposed method of ensuring the safety of these children is to install traffic lights near these schools in order to ensure the regulation of traffic in the area and also to ensure that children learn at an early age how traffic lights work and how to follow them. In the case of a two-way street, lights would have to be installed facing both sides of the road so as to regulate the traffic coming from both sides of the road. There should additionally be a third small pedestrian light that is facing perpendicular to the road. The pedestrian signal will give intimation to the pedestrians waiting on one side of the road when the other traffic lights will be red and the road will be safe for the children and others to cross the road. These traffic lights use motion sensors to assess traffic on roads. This would provide for a systematic approach to not only children?s safety, but also will help in systematically handling the traffic on narrow roads near schools that often gets blocked due to multiple large school buses that are trying to make their way onto the main road into their respective routes.

This invention has the complete capacity to make the roads near schools safer for children to cross on. All drivers must be mindful of the lower speed limit in school areas and honk the car horn while coming around the corners to alert any possible people who are crossing, that there is a vehicle coming their way, as an extra precaution. Speed bumps appropriately spaced should also be installed in such areas so as to forcibly reduce the speed of cars for those drivers who are not paying attention to road safety.



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