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Automation and Digital Technology: Health and Cleanliness At Its Best!

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The Swachh Bharath Abhiyan or the Clean India Mission was launched by the Government of India in 2014 with the main objective of achieving a neat and clean society, whether it was in the form of personal hygiene or in the form of public cleanliness. In furtherance of this objective, Shree Bahoday, a student of Shundar Public School has resolved to revolutionize the present garbage disposal system through technology and automation devices.

The premise of this proposal is that industries as well as residential households generate a callosal level of garbage on a daily basis. The feasibility of the Municipal Corporation to deal with this quantity of waste is called into question. Therefore, keeping in mind these facts, Shree Bahoday has recommended that each community must be fitted with garbage disposal dustbins at regular intervals. Each of these dustbins must have a unique identification number so that when the dustbin has achieved its capacity, a signal can automatically be relayed to the Supervisor of the concerned Municipal Corporation, within whose jurisdiction this dustbin is present. The Supervisor will then send a Garbage disposal van to collect this waste. The benefit of this machinery is that overflowing garbage littered on to the street, detrimentally impacting the aesthetics as well as the health of the community can be effectively avoided.

Once the waste is collected, the van will deposit it in a Garbage Processing Plant. The Biodegradable waste will be segregated and will be converted into compost, which in turn will be added to a gyrator. This process will produce a highly conductive liquid. This liquid will be stored in two bins where the process of electrolysis shall commence. One copper plate and one zinc plate shall be immersed in the liquid in order to effectively produce electricity. This electricity generated will be stored in batteries, which can be used for various purposes, including but not limited to the use of electricity to power street lights. It is imperative to mention that these street lights are fitted with a sensor that is sensitive to light. Therefore, during the day, these street lights are automatically switched off and as soon as the night descends, the street lights are activated.

Through this mechanism, the lexical conundrum around the word ?waste? is negated and the disposed of garbage can be effectively utilized to meet the ever-increasing demand for electricity by consumers.


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