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Banana to Ethanol: Eatables to Fuel.

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Ethanol is a renewable fuel because it is produced from biomass. Ethanol also burns more cleanly and entirely than gasoline or diesel fuel. Ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emission effects because the grain other biomass used to make the ethanol absorbs carbon dioxide as It grows.

Effects of ethanol on the environment:

Pure ethanol is non-toxic and biodegradable, and it quickly breaks down into harmless substances if spilled, unlike gasoline. Chemical denaturants are added to ethanol to make fuel ethanol, and many of the denaturants are toxic. Similar to gasoline, ethanol is a highly flammable liquid and must be transported carefully.

Ethanol can reduce pollution. Ethanol and other ethanol mixtures burn clean. Ethanols have higher octane levels than pure gasoline. But they both also have higher evaporation emissions from fuel tanks. The evaporation emissions contribute to the formation of harmful, ground-level ozone, and smog. Gasoline requires some extra processing to reduce evaporation emissions before mixing it with ethanol.

How does it work?

The process starts with half a kilo of the banana skin, half a kilo of wood apple and half a kilo of papaya. Followed by grinding it in a blender and collected the mixture in a ceramic bowl. Sulfuric Acid is then added to the blend in the ceramic bowl and cooked for 20minutes. Further salt (25gms), an onion (1), gram flour (250gm) is added to the mixture and blend again. This paste is then sealed for 48 hrs. After 48hrs the mixture is then drained, and the remaining product is then heated. With the help of condenser, the outcome we get now is ethanol. This ethanol is further filtered by carefully heating the previously obtained ethanol at a temperature of 78 degree Celsius which the help of a temperature monitoring device and the end product pure ethanol is obtained.

Ethanol increases the possibility of storing larger capacities of energy from sources like solar panels and wind farms to reduce the frustration of the power dilemmas often associated with renewable and natural energy. No wonder PM Narendra Modi is encouraging the young generation to explore ethanol and innovate newer ideas to obtain ethanol.