Beware! Prevent Yourself From Railway Accidents? Let Us Read On To Find Out!

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Train Accident Statistics

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, in 2014 there were 11,896 train accidents at railroad crossings, resulting in 804 fatalities and thousands of injuries over the course of that year. Trains are estimated to kill 1 person every 100 minutes. Each year nearly 1,000 people are killed in train-related accidents. More than half of all railroad accidents occur at unprotected crossings.

More than 80 percent of crossings lack adequate warning devices such as lights and gates.

The Indian railway's route length network is spread over 115,000 km, with 12,617 passenger trains.

7,421 freight trains each day from 7, 349 stations are plying 23 million travelers.

3 million tonnes of freight daily!

In India, 30 percent of train accidents happen only because of broken tracks and delaying trains.


? Never walk on or along railroad tracks?trespassing is illegal! Always lookout for warning signs and signals.

? Always assume there is a train coming, as trains can run on any track at any time.

? Be aware that trains cannot stop quickly. The average freight train traveling 55 miles per hour takes a mile or more to stop.

? Only cross tracks at designated crossing areas, and always look both ways before crossing.

? Never try to beat a train across the tracks. There is no reason to risk your life for a few extra minutes.

? If you?re in a vehicle, don?t stop on the tracks. Before you cross, make sure there is enough room for your vehicle on the other side.

? There should be at least 15 feet between the end of your vehicle and the tracks.

? If your vehicle stalls on a crossing, get everyone out immediately.

? Stand far away from the tracks, even if you don?t see a train. Then call the emergency notification number posted on or near the crossing, or call local law enforcement.

Be aware that some vehicles, like school buses, commercial buses and trucks carrying hazardous materials, must always come to a full stop at railroad crossings. (State laws vary.)

It might look easy and fun in the movies, but it is extremely dangerous to attempt to jump on board a moving train. A minor slip could lead to a lost limb or even death.


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