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Calling for new technology: It?s high time to bring in an automated alert railway tracks system in India?!

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A railway has been an important part of before India got freedom. Today, Indian Railways is one of the largest Railway networks of the world under a single administration that is the Government of India. Railways of India have 64460 route Kilometres out of which 55189 KM is broad gauge and balance 14% is meter/narrow gauge. It has 7133 block stations, 53220 passenger coaches and 9213 locomotives. Indian Railways carry about 1000 million tonnes of freight traffic per year and around 23 million passengers per day. Indian Railways employ around 1.3 million staff in the 17 zonal railways and 69 Divisions. Indian Railways play a significant role in driving economic growth of the country, offering highly affordable, environment-friendly transportation to passengers and freight, especially bulk commodities, across the country.

The total number of tracks running in India is 69,182 km. There are 31846 level crossing gates on Indian Railways, out of which 18,316 are manned and 13,530 are unmanned level crossing gates. These level railway crossing gates are not only the bottlenecks in Train Operation but also a major contributor to the accidents and fatalities. 109 rail accidents at unmanned railway crossing gate took place in the year 2014-15. Nearly 5,800 unmanned railway crossing gates are the keys cause of the rail accidents in India. Accident at unmanned crossing was more frequent in rural areas while crossing gates in cities are either been eliminated or manned. But unmanned railways crossing gates are not the sole reason for railway accidents. Faulty tracks are the leading cause behind major accidents such as the Bihar rail disaster, Khanna rail disaster etc.

How does the system work?

The automatic sensor system works by detecting the train pressure with a pressure sensor placed on the tracks. The pressure sensors placed on the distance from each other will indicate warning sound and the light signal to slow down, further when the train passes and reaches the other pressure sensor from the last sensor, and indicate lights signals automatically as needed. In case the tracks are good to go then the signals will indicate green light without any sound alert. And in case of malfunctions of the tracks the system will indicate with a red light and a sound alert.

The system deals to avoid any railway accidents by the malfunction of the tracks. With this new technology, the number of rail accidents will definitely go down, significantly. It is physically impossible to track ever rail tracks all the time manually, but this new technology makes everything electronic which makes it possible to track ever rail tracks and also eliminates the score of human error.

Top institutions:

? Courses in Railway Management/Engineering

? Railway Track Construction Training Program

? Institute of Metro and Rail Technology


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