Device which uses Bluetooth to switch off and on lights in the house?Check Out How!

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The advancement of technology is growing day to day with many changes taking place every day with the improvement of technology. Technology has made our life easier and one such technology is Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology is a user-friendly technology wherein it can be operated by any individual regardless of age. It is a high speed and low powered technology. It is a wireless technology, which is specially designed to connect with different devices such as phones, tabs, laptops, and many other portable equipment together.

This model uses Bluetooth to control the lights at home. It makes it possible for individuals at home to turn on and turn off the lights with the touch of a button and without moving towards the switchboards. The working principle of this Bluetooth technology is very simple and can be understood very fast. Generally, Bluetooth Network consists of a Personal Area Network (PAN) which is a small network which contains a maximum of 8 Bluetooth peer devices and a minimum of 2. A master initiates the communication with other devices and guides the traf?c and communications link between itself and the slave devices associated with it. The slave device will only respond to the master device. Slave devices have to synchronize their transmit/receive timing with the master device. The master device will send a radio signal and waits for the response from that particular slave devices within the range of the given addresses. This Bluetooth model is used for controlling the appliances at home. Bluetooth must be installed in the phones. These Home appliances will turn OFF and ON when we touch the button in the Bluetooth mobile app in mobile phone. For example, When ?Light On? button is touched in a Bluetooth controller app, then the Microcontroller ( master device) receives ?1? via Bluetooth module and then the controller switches ?On? the light by using relay and relay driver. And when user touch ?Light OFF? button in a Bluetooth controller app, then Microcontroller receives ?2? via Bluetooth module & then controlle turns OFF the light by using a relay and relay driver. This device becomes is very helpful as it is extremely user-friendly especially to the older people at home who find it difficult to move from one place to another. This device allows them to conveniently switch on and switch off lights and other appliances without moving from one place.


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