Does life exist on Mars?? Decoding the truth

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Astronomy is a vast field that feeds onto the curiosity of humans digging deeper into the expanse of space with one main motive: to uncover secrets about our universe.

To date, no proof has been found of past or present life on Mars. Cumulative evidence shows that during the ancient Noachian time period, the surface environment of Mars had liquid water and may have been habitable for microorganisms.

The presence of methane on Mars has led to speculation that it could signal life on the Red Planet.

Since methane was first detected in Mars' atmosphere in 2013, scientists have speculated that it could be created by life on the Martian planet.

In June 2018, NASA announced the detection of seasonal variation of methane levels on Mars. Methane could be produced by microorganisms or by geological means.


Mars is similar to Earth in many ways, having many of the same "systems" that characterize our homeworld. Like Earth, Mars has an atmosphere, a hydrosphere, a cryosphere, and a lithosphere. In other words, Mars has systems of air, water, ice, and geology that all interact to produce the Martian environment.

Research Institutes Working On The Discovery:

Oxford Scientist Decoded Alien Life, Asteroid Collision, Life On Mars And More

A team led by Levin in NASA suggested that both phenomena?methane production and degradation?could be accounted for by an ecology of methane-producing and methane-consuming microorganisms

Research at the University of Arkansas presented in June 2015 suggested that some methanogens could survive on Mars' low pressure.


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