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Eco friendly projector: projecting light on energy conservation.

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Energy conservation is today?s one of the most crucial need. Energy conservation is not only to save energy resources for the future but also not waste energy resources, to begin with and to provide a solution to the current energy crisis, especially in a developing country like India, where we contribute to 17.71% of world?s population. With the population so high the stress on the resources is enormous; thus, the need for energy conservation is more needed than ever. Electricity is one of the most consumed energies used daily for residential, industrial, agricultural use or other uses such as for lighting buildings and streets, creating a microclimate, keeping foodstuff (freezers, refrigerators), cooking (cookers, juicers, coffee machines), apartment cleaning (vacuum cleaners), laundry washing and drying (washing machines, electric dry). The plants are in constant need of electricity. It operates engineering tools, electrical machinery, computers, and many other things. Electricity is a controllable and convenient form of energy used in all areas of our life. In 2019, electricity being such a replaceable part of our modern-day life there are still large parts of India where electricity shortage is faced daily.

Why save electricity?

Electricity is generated from natural resources, the number of which is limited. This process is harmful to the environment. The unsustainable use of natural resources can not only violate the balance of nature but also make the planet completely uninhabitable. Currently, in our country, thermal power plants are the leading producers of electricity. They produce energy from low-cost processing of non-renewable natural resources such as gas, coal, and petroleum products. All of this are not only deposited in our lungs but also affects the state of the atmosphere, creating the so-called greenhouse effect.

Realizing the intensity of the challenges we are facing when it comes to electricity, there are many initiatives taken by our government, private organizations and also efforts are being made on individual levels. Our young individuals are not behind when it comes to contributing to taking down this challenge. An eco-friendly projector is one of the examples we came across. This eco-friendly projector doesn?t require any electricity to run. One can make this eco-friendly projector with simple things found around our homes like a cardboard box, torches, and batteries. It is cost-efficient and very light in weight, making it accessible to move around to one's requirements. The young individuals made this eco-friendly projector keeping in mind the shortage of electricity faced by small villages in India and to reduce electricity consumption.

Hence, with projects like this eco-friendly projector and small habitual changes, one can contribute to conserving electricity in more than one way.


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