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Introducing ? the best and easiest method of food dehydration

Dehydration of fruit and vegetables is one of the oldest forms of food preservation techniques known to man and consists primarily of establishments engaged in sun drying or artificially dehydrating fruits and vegetables.

Given the improvement in the quality of dehydrated foods, along with the increased focus on instant and convenience foods, the potential of dehydrated fruits and vegetables is greater than ever.

What is dehydration of food?

Drying Or Dehydration - Drying or dehydration is the removal of the majority of water contained in the fruit or vegetable and is the primary stage in the production of dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

Why dehydrate food?

Although food preservation is the primary reason for dehydration, dehydration of fruits and vegetables also lowers the cost of packaging, storing, and transportation by reducing both the weight and volume of the final product.

Best method to dehydrate food

In the olden times food was preserved by salting, smoking or drying Dehydration is one of the easiest ways to preserve food. You don't need to buy special jars, preservatives or special equipment. You don't even need to buy a dehydrator. Your oven, whether it be full-sized oven or a toaster oven, can dehydrate food perfectly in the same amount of time. A vapour collector is mounted on the upstream inlet end of an oven having a gas-circulating means and intended for dehydrating the food. This vapour collector collects the moisture that is absorbed from the food during the dehydration process

How you prep foods depends on what you are dehydrating. Here are some tips for the best results:

? To prevent fruits from turning brown, soak them in a half-and-half mixture of lemon juice and water for five minutes before drying.

? For foods to dry evenly and thoroughly, the pieces need to be the same size and thin. Around


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