Evolution Of Technology In The Next 20 Years!! Let Us Find Out!

Evolution Of Technology

Technology keeps on evolving at a rapid pace and integrates itself into everyone?s everyday lives.

Technology keeps on evolving at a rapid pace and integrates itself into everyone?s everyday lives. Technological innovation making everything a tad easier. The wearables, mobiles, i-pods, PS4 etc have taken over the youth today.

The efficiency of technology allows the world to become more competitive with every single day. Big data analytics has already changed the structure of business models. Decisions are based on information given by machines instead of the gut feeling. For our everyday lives, health technologies have changed the outlook of the medical field. For instance, smart pills help in fighting the disease by targeting the diseased cells only.


? Disease prevention

Chips, robots, smart pills, nanomedicine etc have helped in finding cures for various incurable diseases.

? Cutting down travel time

With automated vehicles, the drive time will be managed effectively. There will be no traffic and no road accidents.

? Lessening the time spent on carrying out routine tasks

Robots will be used for carrying out daily mundane tasks.


? In 2030, a trip to Mars has been planned. This can change the history of humankind. By colonisation of Mars, Earth will become less burdened and humans will get another chance for a new beginning. Space tourism would allow gaining knowledge about other realms.

? Delivery drones are being slowly incorporated into making deliveries of products. In next two years, they will become more frequent.

? Hyperloop concept by Elon Musk will lessen the burn of travelling and finding an accommodation. Within the next six years, it will take us between cities.

? By 2025, artificial intelligence will become more prominent. With the help of artificial intelligence, machines will take over human chores and humans will expand their knowledge. They would also be used as companions for sharing feelings with.

? Brain implants are being used for controlling prosthetics with natural impulses. This is going to help the disabled people lead a normal life again.

? Self-driving vehicles or automated cars will take over the road ensuring higher security and following traffic rules.

? Textbooks will be replaced by virtual reality. E-education has already covered a major part of school education.

? Within the next twenty years, 3D printing would become easily accessible. This would cut down production cost and enable bulk manufacturing at low prices.

? By 2045, Cyborg technology will become more easily accessible, allowing a human to advance into future.


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