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Experiments with Popcorn

Let?s Get Popping At Science Fairs!

Hey students,
Don?t you just love popcorn? It?s yummy and science friendly.

What is the science behind popcorns?

As the kernel is heated to the boiling point, water inside the kernel starts to turn into steam, causing pressure inside the kernel to increase about 9 times the pressure of air. Inside other types of corn - as well as damaged popcorn kernels - the steam escapes the kernel as fast as it is formed. The difference with popcorn is that the outer hull is strong enough to hold the steam in, until it ruptures in a small explosion and turns it inside out, to become the white fluffy stuff, better known as popcorn!

Popcorn is now a popular healthy snack

Popcorn now has become one of the most popular snacks- no longer a complementary companion to be munched whilst watching movies, sports or your favorite show. One can find this humble snack everywhere around. And it?s not about sweet and salty anymore; popcorn comes in different types of flavors. A testimony to the growing popularity of popcorn is the emergence of a various popcorn businesses.

The adoption of western culture and rise in disposable income are the prime reasons backing the lucrative growth of the market. Furthermore, growing awareness regarding fitness has changed the preference of the industry towards healthy food, which aids in the high consumption of the popcorn. The high-profit margin being provided by the popcorn business is also inducing a major change in India's agriculture.

The popcorn market in India is dominated by the unorganized sector with more than 60% of the share in the overall market. However, the scenario is expected to change due to the growth in the number of multiplexes and popularity of popcorn at home.

But did you know, it?s more than a movie companion?

Let?s try out these intriguing popcorn experiments at science fairs:

Popcorn and salt

You will need:


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