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Foot pedal bins to smart bins: ?Smart Waste Management System?

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India generates around 60million tons of garbage in a single day. And almost 45million a ton of this garbage is dumped untreated in the landfills, that is 75% of the trash. Cities like Mumbai and Delhi alone generate about 10million tons of waste every day. If the numbers of garbage generation continue at this current, India will need around 1200 hectares of land to dump the country?s waste.

The situation is alarming and needs everyone to start taking immediate action to deal with this problem. The situation calls for a response on every level, from global to national to individuals. One can begin to adopting a few changes in their life only by not using plastic on individually, by going paperless, integrating 3R?s- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Going on a higher level, one should start to segregate waste into different bins of 2 categories- Bio-Degradable and Non-Bio Degradable. After segregation, come to composting the waste. These initiatives will surely help but looking at the current situation; one has to incorporate new technology for larger-scale management.

Why smart dustbins?

Although these waste management services exist in nearly every community, the industry?s current operation standards have proven inefficient and highly recourse-intensive. This inefficiency is due primarily to out-dated manual collection methods and logistical processes that lack efficient data-driven solutions.

These industries are beginning to develop and implement loT-related solutions to these problems. From waste bins equipped with a fill- sensor, to database management and logistic platforms, the industry is shifting into a clean and more efficient segment of modern-day life. The working of the smart bin as follows: the smart bins when filled till the top of its capacity, an alert light will glow. It is indicating to empty the dustbin to use again. The lid of the smart bin will open automatically but applied pressure on the foot pedal, placed on the front of the bin for easy access. The smart bin is also equipped with a CCTV camera on the lid of the bin to identify the littering culprit followed by fine. This whole operation is carried out with the help of a small solar panel placed on the top of the bin?s lid.

?Smart Bins,? mainly concentrates on monitoring the waste management, providing smart technology for waste system, avoiding human intervention, reducing human time and effort and which results in healthy and waste ridden environment.

Research institutes-

Solid Waste Management - Reuse, Recycle and Go- India Education

International Institute of Waste Management


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