HEALTH TRACKING APPLICATIONS: A Step Towards Fast Ways Of Getting Our Health On Track!

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We are the generation of digital media. We consume information through digital forms. Food, transport, education, entertainment, health, etc. can also be done online. But what about exercise? Worry no more, because the internet has got that covered for you as well.


A health tracker app for smartphones is designed to give you an informative profile of your health and fitness. These tracker apps give owners information on how healthy their diet is, how much physical activity they have in a day and how much they have to exercise. There are dozens of health apps, which are divided into three categories:

? Exercise Apps ? Provides a set of exercises and how they should be performed.

? Nutrition Apps ? Monitors food habits, water balance, and weight.

? Activity Tracking Apps ? Tracks how active you are on a daily basis.

`There are several apps designed towards health and fitness available on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.


You Can Keep Track Of Your Growth Easily

These fitness tracking apps help you to find out how far you have reached in own personal training Efforts through smart phones. Some of the popular apps like RunKeeper and Strava make use of GPS of the phone to calculate the speed or mileage whenever you are cycling or running. This gives you an automated progress report generated by the app with the help of your smartphone.

You can also make use of a pedometer that calculates the distance you have walked by the motion of your hips. Just use such apps to keep track of your performance and share it with your friends to compete with them and keep your motivation level up.

Get Workout Ideas For Free

If you do not have time to go to gyms or a good budget to afford its fees then these fitness tracking apps help you in getting the free ideas, so that you can workout at home easily. They provide you a good diet plan and the workout tips that you can follow easily at your home and look after your health. You need not spend any money on purchasing books or joining the fitness centers to maintain good health and fitness.

Set Your Own Fitness Goals Suggested By These Apps

It is very important to set a goal before starting an exercise. These fitness tracking apps allow you to set your goals and achieve them with suggested ideas. These apps try to set the most realistic goals that are achievable by you on regular workouts. One of such popular app is Couch to 5K. This app will help you to get transformed from couch potato to 5K runner in just 9 weeks.

Then you can make use of Step Counter- which is a free application that works similar to the Pedometer to calculate the distance you are making while running or walking.

Yoga Guide For You

Yoga is one of the most ancient forms of exercise to stay fit and healthy practiced by our ancestors. Some of the apps can also act as a complete yoga guide and help you achieve good fitness levels by regular practice.

Monitors Your everyday Diet

Diet is one of the most essential components of fitness and these smart apps can help you out in monitoring your everyday diet. These apps can provide you a good diet chart with proper requirements of components of food in your diet.


1. My Fitness Pal.

2. Headspace

3. Sleep cycle

4. Charity Miles

5. Fooducate

6. 8Fit

7. Lose it!

8. Happify

9. Health tap

10. Instant heart rate

Technology has made life so much easier. Let?s use the best of this miraculous creation. Remember to use only reliable applications and do not share our financial or personal data with fraud apps or websites.


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