Heat Sensing Sprinklers: A Step Towards Environmentally Mindful and Pocket-Friendly Household Safety?Find Out!

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India has an annual death rate by fire of 4.15 and while that is not an alarmingly high amount, it is not low enough for Indians to be comfortable in their homes. Many homes in India still use LPG gas tankers and flame stoves and this itself is a fire hazard considering the fact that keeping such large amounts of gas in one?s homes can prove catastrophic in the event of a leakage and spark in anywhere in the house. Hence, it is essential to consider fire-fighting systems to be installed in homes such as smoke alarms, heat sensors and sprinklers. However, these devices and their installation can often be very costly.

Hence, a simple heat sensing model for middle to lower income households can use for their homes, where in there is a low lying heat sensor that on sensing heat beyond a certain level will activate a pump that transfers water into the sprinkler system that is installed into the ceiling of the house, sprinkling the room from the top, cover the room entirely and putting out the fire. It also sends signals through automated actions to the fire department and alerts them of the fire and the address where it is burning. This is a very economic model as it does not require very complicated parts and is made of readily available resources making it easy to maintain for a lower cost, as opposed to that for other sprinkler systems that require specific parts for their specific devices. This model also does not possess the need to disable the system once it has been activated, on sensing the heat levels of the home has reduced, the sprinklers will stop functioning. This is also another issue with predominantly sold sprinkler systems that it is required to be manually disarmed after its activation. The former is more desirable for two reasons, the first being that it only uses water that is required and hence is excellent for water conservation while the second is that it minimizes the damage done to home due to the water as the water will not fall at an unnecessary rate. This model therefore, is extremely user friendly and effective while also being mindful of the need for water consumption making it a great innovation that may do well in mainstream markets and will add an edge to the way the world perceives household security.




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