How To Do Farming With The Help Of Mobile: Let?s Find Out!

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A farmer spends hours working doggedly on the farm day after day in the burning heat of summers of chilly winds of winters. He tries to sleep this exhaustion off at night but even that becomes a luxury he can?t afford. The farmer switches on his irrigation pipes at night for the circulation of water throughout the field for the crop. This pipe has to be switched off before the water destroys the crops. The farmer has to walk through the dark hours before dawn for this purpose and more often than not falls prey to wild animals. To save these relentless efforts of farmers, the project is a big initiative for making their lives a lot easier and secure with a click from home. Let?s see how


The model works with a mobile phone attached to the system that converts sound waves into electricity. This alternative electricity that is generated is distributed. With the buzzing sound of an sms, the water supply in irrigation pipes can be cut off without mandatorily going and shutting it off. This system also works as a mini generator plant or invertor battery. The system is installed two feet underground level of the farm so that it remains unharmed by rains. It has a long shelf life and is a great investment that pays off with golden harvests year after year. Effective use of this system can help in saving water, electricity, time and above all a farmer?s life!


Start-ups and technology firms are trying to break into India?s agricultural landscape using newer business models. These firms are tapping governments, insurers, banks, farming co-operatives, development agencies and even corporate social responsibility programs to create a viable business and help farmers.

Most farmers have small holdings. Some even rent the land they farm on from others. Farmer distress is widespread. Farming contributes around 15% to India?s gross domestic product. In short, India has few large farms that can pay for technology solutions.

When CropIn Technologies first started out in 2010, the company tried selling its agri-tech solutions directly to farmers. After investing lakhs of rupees, however, it managed to earn just Rs 6,000. Now, it tailors its solutions to specific needs. ?Each customer segment that we deal with, we have a different value proposition for them,? said Jyoti Vaddi, head of business development at CropIn Technologies.

Thus it is a great idea to build start-ups around the agricultural tech field since it is highly in demand and can earn you extra ordinary profits.


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