Important Facts For Tech-Savvy Generation: Let us Dig In to Find Out!

Important Facts For Tech-Savvy Generation

A world without technology today is almost unimaginable.

In today?s world, technology has a major role to play in almost everything we do. Take reading this article on your laptop or smartphone for example. A world without technology today is almost unimaginable. Let?s try to understand how good or bad is technology for us.

Pros of Technology:

? Ease of Communication: Emails, SMS, Voice Calls, Video Calls, all these effective mediums of communication have brought us closer at a global level.

? Comfort: Technology has made our lives so much easier that all we have to do now is press a button to get any job done, be it online shopping or booking a cab.

? Improved Education: Modern technology has made it easier for students to gain knowledge through virtual classrooms and online classes. Students can study at their own pace from anywhere at their own convenience.

? Change in Health Sector: Technology has revolutionized the healthcare sector. The various modern equipment has made faster and more accurate treatment of the patients possible.

? Access to Information: A smartphone, laptop or any other similar device coupled with internet and you can access any relevant information while on the move. Access to the Internet has simplified the ways in which we can stay up-to-date today.

Cons of Technology:

? Too Much Dependency: We are overly becoming more dependent on technology to take care of everything. We tend to get helpless when one of our gadgets fail to perform.

? Depletion of Natural Resources: The modern equipment and gadgets are so powerful that they need huge quantities of natural resources to run on. This is leading to their depletion at a faster rate.

? Competency: Increased dependency on modern tools that provide instant solutions have reduced our creativity and intelligence. Example, we no longer rely on mental calculations when we have the calculator at our disposal.

? Less Value in Human Workers: Because of all the technological advances, human workers get replaced as machines can do more work in less time and more accuracy.

? Increased Loneliness: Thanks to social networks, online gaming, and new gadgets, we spend most of our time in the virtual world rather than interacting with real people.

If there is anything we need to learn, it is using technology in moderate levels, so we don?t end up harming ourselves or the environment.


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