In the Era of Modernization, why should Science Education be left behind?

Benefits of science study

Can you imagine a world without science?

A world without science would be hard to imagine as we?re so used to living comfortably with the amenities we have. We would still be living a very different life as opposed to how we live today. Science started back when a caveman wondered what rubbing 2 stones together would do. Science is based on curiosity and finding ways to satisfy that need. In fact, we are natural scientists! Watch other children and you will see that young children play just like scientists work, with investigation.

In today?s world, the role of science is indispensable. We need science in every sphere of our life, namely, to treat diseases or even to book a cab or a flight ticket. The process of inquiry is more direct and finite. Say you take a question, find evidence to form an explanation, make sense by connecting that explanation to existing knowledge and communicate that evidence based explanation. Experimentation based on the scientific method follows a similar course.

Science has led us to finding things out that give us what we have today. In fact, without science we would not have electricity which would mean no mobiles, internet- we would not have refrigerators to keep food fresh, television to entertain or even cars to travel in. Science has a solution to problems which could hinder the progress of the economy namely health aspects, standard of education, availability of healthy food and safe drinking water, and infrastructure. Underdeveloped science and technology directly affects economy, infrastructure, higher education, development of nuclear technology, defense technology, development of satellites, biotechnology, meteorological science, space technology, nanotechnology and wireless communication, etc

What are the advantages of science education?

? Science enhances critical thinking
It begins with learning scientific concepts followed by an experiment to substantiate that idea through technical methods and analysis. It dictates a logical way of approaching unfamiliar topics, ensuring students can learn how to relate theoretical and practical work. Finding a relationship between theories and empirical evidence holds cognitive benefits, which can use utilized in other subjects and areas of life.

? It uplifts many disciplines
Understanding of mathematical concepts is a fundamental prerequisite which comes in handy for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Scientific method is based on technical skills, such as the careful observation of the world around us and the ability to conduct experiments in a controlled environment. The concluded results in science teach the values of objectivity and thoroughness.

? Science leads to rise is literacy rate
Another prominent feature of modernisation is that efforts are made by the government and the society to wipe out illiteracy and this strenuous effort is made not only to send every child to school, but the adults are also persuaded to inculcate literary habits such as reading, and writing. Thus it can also attract people to pursue higher education.

? It widens the scope of career options
One of the primary reasons you go to school is to build a good career path. Through the enhancement of logic and maths based skills, children with a science background have enormous opportunities before them. These encompass professions both within scientific fields and outside of science, extending to fields such as business, engineering, information technology and healthcare. Science is continuously on an upward, expansionary trend. The economy may or may not take a hit in the future, but you can never say the same about science. It consistently takes steps forward and rarely back. With scientific solutions and innovations surfacing at an accelerating rate, science never loses its daily relevance. This is a vital reason why science is the backbone of a modernized world.

? It leads to rise in per capita income
The agricultural economy alone cannot increase the national wealth and per capita income as it has to support the other members of the society also. Therefore, in order to raise the national and per capita income, the old economy based on agriculture has to be supplemented by industrial growth and its income because trading of industrial goods can make huge profits.

? Science play a role in decision making
Perhaps even more important than specific examples of science in our lives are the ways we use scientific thought, method and inquiry to come to our decisions. This is not necessarily a conscious thing. Humans need to solve problems that arise from curiosity or from necessity. The process of inquiry is how we find answers and substantiate those answers.


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