Interesting! Cleaning Gallons Of Water Made Easy By The River Cleaning Machine

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River cleaning machine is a machine that involves removing the waste debris from the water surface and safely dispose of the water body. The work was done looking at the current situation of our national rivers which are a dump with crore liters of sewage and loaded with pollutants, toxic materials, debris, etc

Due to an increase in water pollution in the form of waste debris; it is hampering the life of aquatic animals and make their life in danger. The main aim of the project is to reduce manpower, time consumption for cleaning the river. In this project, we have store the energy in the battery and used this energy for river cleaning with the help of a motor and chain drive arrangement.

Design of the machine

This machine is consists of a waterwheel is driven conveyor mechanism which collects & removes the wastage,garbage & plastic wastages from water bodies.

Advantage of using the machine

The machine reduces the difficulties which we face when the collection of debris takes place. A machine will lift the waste surface debris from the water bodies, this will ultimately result in the reduction of water pollution and lastly, the aquatic animal's death to these problems will be reduced.


It consists of Belt drive

the mechanism which lifts the debris from the water.

The use of this project can be made in rivers, ponds, lakes and other water bodies to clean the surface water debris from bodies.

Researcher Who Is Working On River Cleaning Machine Project:

International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology has made publications of students who have made their contribution in the designing of this machine


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