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This amazing car works just like a hydrogen fuel cell but instead of hydrogen fuel it uses saltwater. This isn?t much different than the water powered car, an idea known as a conspiracy by many. This incredible car works bypassing the liquid through a membrane in between the two tanks, producing an electric charge. This generated electricity is then kept and distributed by supercapacitors. The car uses four batteries to use this electricity which makes it run.

Due to Population rise in India, we have seen a lot of vehicular pollution taking place. Therefore, we need to take some action. Air Pollution has been a serious problem in India. The average travel time increases by at least 12-15 minutes for a journey of about 15 kms. This simple solution can solve millions of air pollution problems.

It's got a motor at each wheel, gullwing doors, makes a Fisker look like an AMC Pacer, and can go from stationary to 60 MPH as fast as a GT-R. It's powered by something similar to a fuel cell that uses saltwater as an electrolyte. And now it's legal to drive on European roads.

Now scientists may have come up with what some have called the holy grail of clean transportation: a way to create hydrogen affordably from seawater.

The salt in seawater has been problematic for electrolyzers that separate hydrogen and oxygen atoms from water molecules because it quickly corrodes the electrolyzer's anode. Desalinating seawater before putting it through an electrolyzer is too costly, Most hydrogen is made by splitting methane, which results in large amounts of leftover carbon dioxide, the primary gas scientists have associated with global warming.


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