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Interesting! New Automated Underground Parking Lot Gets Much Easier For Drivers!!

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As the available land becomes scarcer, underground parking becomes more and more appealing, especially in urban locations. Underground parking solutions have many advantages over above-ground parking:

? It makes much more land available for non-parking uses

? It offers easier access control to help reduce crime

? Due to the parking structure, parked cars are unseen

? No obstruction of views or sunlight

? Improved liquid and solid waste pollution control etc.

However, higher building and O&M costs are the primary reasons why many real estate developers avoid underground parking solutions.

Underground Parking Solutions

Automated Parking Systems (APS) are a lower cost alternative to conventional underground multi-story car parks. APS can park the same number of cars in a volume of 60% or less of that required by underground multi-story car parks. A smaller volume means less excavation, lower costs and a shorter construction time. Using steel rather than concrete structures means APS can be pre-fabricated off-site to a large extent to minimize on-site construction time and disruption. Recycled and recyclable steel is also more sustainable.

APS underground parking solutions also have a substantial advantage in terms of operating costs. Since the parking area in an APS is unoccupied space, the O&M costs for lighting, ventilation, fire suppression, signage, passenger lifts, etc. are greatly reduced or eliminated.

APS for Underground Parking

In addition to the cost, APS underground parking solutions offer a whole host of other benefits:

APS can fit in underground areas with an irregular shape either horizontally or vertically or even both ways.

APS is roughly 30-40% shorter than multi-story car parks, which minimizes issues with high water tables and other underground obstacles.

The smaller excavation needed for APS significantly reduces shoring requirements.


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