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Let Us Not Forget The Practice Of Re-Use, Reduce And Recycle!

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Re use wastes

We as customers waste a lot of products. Many a times, we have bought more than we need and then simply tossed some of it in the dustbin. When we consider it on a larger scale, there is a lot of rubbish that goes into the landfill and then later on contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions. And we are not even talking about the garbage that is lying around in the waterways where it harms our marine life.

In order to sort this entire thing out, we need to follow the 3 R?s- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Waste and handling of waste determines the pollution and the harmful effect caused to our environment. The environment is everything around us like the air, land, water, plants and even all the man-made things. Since a healthy environment leads to healthy life, effective waste management is vital for you. Whatever waste we create, needs to be controlled very carefully in order to save our environment and health.

Waste is anything that we get rid of or throw away or is not useful to us. For effective waste management, it is important to use the mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle.


The 3 R?s ? reduce, reuse and recycle- are extremely significant. We cannot stop the production of waste completely but we can atleast try and make a contribution. It is simple: think before you bin! Using these 3 R?s, saves energy and the natural resources. It also helps to reduce the pollution, and also reduces the need for the landfill. These even help to cut down and reduce the amount of waste that we throw. These are also helpful to save the land and money that is used for disposing off the waste in the landfills.

Reduce means to cut down the amount of waste that we are making. Example, by using both the sides of A4 sheets, we cut down on the number of sheets that need to be bought and in turn cutting down the number of trees that need to be chopped for making the paper.

Reuse means to device new ways of using the trash so as to avoid throwing it all out. Example, using old CD disks as tea-coasters or in wind chimes or using the same carry bags again to avoid buying new ones.

Recycle means to use the trash for remaking new products and using them again. Example, donating or selling your one time used books that you no longer use.


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