Marigold Flower: Does it Benefit the Cultivators and Users? Find Out.

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To begin with the history of the Marigold plant. Marigold plants are hardy, annual plants and are great plants for cheering up any gardens. Mainly there are two types which are referred to by the common name, Marigolds that is Tagetes and Calendula. Tagetes includes African Marigolds and French Marigolds. Calendula includes Pot Marigolds. The history of the Marigold plant travels back to the 15th century. Marigold plant?s seeds were taken from the Aztecs by early Spanish explorers to Spain. It moved from Spain to France and North Africa, later to America and the world.

Marigold plant is used in many cultures around the world in their ceremonies, rituals, or cemeteries. In Mexico, Marigold plants are used for decorative proposes around the household for All Saint Day. Marigold plants are also used in Hindu religious ceremonies and rituals. The marigold plants are used as garlands to decorate village gods during the harvest festival.

Marigold plant is present in different colours, out of which yellow and orange being the most common. Most of the marigolds have a strong, pungent odour and have great value in cosmetic treatment. There are many varieties of Marigolds available today such as African marigold, French marigold, Signet marigold, Mule marigold, etc. all of them are different from each other by mainly their height, variety of colour and different flavours. Seeds can propagate marigolds. The plants need about 45 days to flower after seeding. Marigold seeds should be sown 2 cm apart. Cover seeds with 1/4 inch of potting soil. Water sufficiently. Plants will appear within a few days.

How the model works to benefit cultivators and users:

The main objective of this model is to give the cultivators their well-deserved returns with the help of new marigold forms, as the returns on traditional marigold plants are below average. The model starts with extracting the marigold plant?s extracts. The extraction process started with plucking marigold flower before 9 in the morning and marinated them in ethane for 48 hrs. After 48 hrs collect it in a beaker and apply some heat to it, the end product will be marigold extracts. This marigold extracts can be used to make different products. Products like incense will be made as the extracts of marigold have the chemicals in it that keep bugs and mosquitos at bay. Food colour from the marigold extracts and even food flavour is made from the extracts. Giving the cultivator far better returns then they would have gotten from traditionally selling just the flowers.


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