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Multi-Purpose Fertilizer Cum Pesticide Spraying Machine: Let Us Know More On This Brilliant Innovation!

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Spraying and Fertilizer Throwing Machine Agriculture is the backbone of India. Paddy and Wheat are one of the new targets in agriculture where still, not many researchers and manufacturers participate. This field faces some problems such as how to maximize the profit, how to increase productivity and how to reduce the cost. In India, two types of agricultural equipment are used, manual method (conventional method) and mechanized type.

The entire history of agriculture contains many examples of the use of tools, such as the hoe and the plough. But of machines since allowed farming to become much less labor-intensive. The biggest profit of automation is that it saves labor. However, it also saves energy and materials and to improve the quality, accuracy, and precision.

worker productivity. In the ongoing integration, the Industrial Revolution has The seed feeding, pesticide sprinkling, and crop cutting are the important stages in the agriculture field. The design of a multipurpose agro equipment machine will help Indian farmers in the rural side and small farms. It will reduce the cost of seed feeding, pesticides sprinkling and crop cutting the field and will help to increase the economic standard of an Indian farmer

How does it work?

When the equipment is pushed forward by using handles, front-wheel rotates and the gear is mounted at the axle of the wheel is starting to rotate and its rotation is then transferred to the pinion through the chain drive. The rotary motion of the pinion is converted into the reciprocating motion by the single slider-crank mechanism, due to this arrangement the connecting rod moves upward and downward which then reciprocates the piston of a single-acting reciprocating pump mounted at the top of the storage tank. During the upward motion of the connecting rod, the pesticide is drawn into the pump and during the downward motion of connecting rod the pesticide is forced to the delivery valve, the delivery is connected to the pipe carrying the number of nozzles. The fertilizer is stored in a bucket and controlled the fertilizer by using the clutch mechanism in multiple lines of crops.


The developed system used for spraying fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides.

  • Easy in construction
  • More economical
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It is renewable energy powered
  • It does not create air pollutant & noise
  • Easy to handle
  • Do not require fuel hence cost reduce & Light in weight

This multi-purpose agriculture machine for seed feeding, spraying pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers and cutting. Thus paving way for more economical and multi-usable equipment for the farmer which is also easy to clean and maintain, easy to handle and do not require fuel, hence cost gets reduced and helping farmers to a great extent in their fields.


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