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Must Read!! Create Energy from Waste Products! Want to Know How? Lets Read!

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Today?s Wastage is Tomorrow?s Shortage! We all have heard this slogan but never applied it. People usually waste a lot and also find it a problem to discard it too. Waste to energy is the process of producing thermal energy from organic waste. Most wastes to energy processes produce electricity or heat energy directly through combustion.

Waste can be solid or liquid. Both types of waste can be hazardous. Liquide waste can come in the non-solid form. Examples of liquid waste include wash water, liquid used to clean in industries. On the other hand, solid waste is any garbage and rubbish we make at our home or any places. Examples of solid waste include car tires, newspapers, broken glass, broken furniture and even food waste. Hazardous or harmful waste is a threat to human health and environment. This type of waste can easily catch fire, explode and be poisonous to human health. Examples of these types of waste are chemicals, mercury-containing equipment, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, etc.

The wastes we are producing every day can be turned into something good. Such as electricity, heat or fuel. The solid wastes can be converted into gas to produce energy. We can generate electricity by burning solid waste found in landfills. A community must have a waste to energy facility that incinerates garbage and transforms chemical energy into thermal energy.

The following methods are used to turn waste into energy

The most common technology for waste to energy conversion is incineration. In this process, the organics collected from the waste has burnt at a high temperature. This type of treatment is called thermal treatment. The heat generated from this thermal treatment than used to create energy.

According to the press information bureau, India generates 62 million tonnes of waste every year.

With an average annual growth rate of 4 percent.

Poor waste management leads to a decline in quality of life in the aspects of health and hygiene.

Instead, it can be used as a potential source of energy, if appropriately utilized.

Every citizen should be careful always when it comes to disposing of the wastes!


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