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New Approach for Trees: Plastic to Protect Trees.

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India has a tree population of only 35 billion, leading to just 28 trees per person, which is very disappointing compared to other countries. India, with such a large number of population, should have a larger number of trees to maintain an environmental balance. It is not only necessary to plant more trees but to also protect the existing ones. On the other hand, India produces a very larger number of plastic waste every day. India generates around 60million tons of garbage in a single day. And almost 45million a ton of this garbage is dumped untreated in the landfills, that is 75% of the trash. Cities like Mumbai and Delhi alone generate about 10million tons of waste every day. If the numbers of garbage generation continue at this current, India will need around 1200 hectares of land to dump the country?s waste. The situation calls for action on every level, from global to national to individuals.

How does this work?

We must protect nature, which is the main objective of this technology. The technology not only aims to safeguard the tree but to also water the tree at the same time. The technology is made from the used plastic bottles. The used plastic bottles are arranged in a circular shape to protect the tree from any harm from man or animals. Moving on, the next objective of this technology is to water the tree. Here the circular shape of the device helps too. The used plastic bottles are arranged upside down making a leak in caps of the plastic bottles to flow downwards with the help of gravity. 72 bottles are arranged used in this technology, giving 72 liters of water to the tree with the help of a dripper. Even if 2 litters of water is given to the tree, this technology can water the tree for a whole month. Implementation of this technology can be done on any plantations.

The government have time and again planted trees in efforts to have more trees for environmental balance proposes, landscaping proposes, etc. But due to lack of maintenances of these newly planted trees, the trees don?t make it through even a year. Here a lot of resources are wasted with no results in return. With this technology, the maintenance of the trees will hassle-free.


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