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New Electric Scooter Ensures You Reach Home Even If You Breakdown On The Middle Of The Road...Find Out!

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Electric Scooter

The Benling Aura Scooter lets you travel an additional 15 km at the simple push of a button.

Compared to China, which is the biggest electric two-wheeler market, India still has some way to go. However, governments can play a major role. In China, towards the end of the last decade, the government imposed a whole set of tough regulations against internal combustion engine vehicles. We need to establish a thriving ecosystem for electric vehicles,

While China has around 3 lakhs of charging stations, India has about 150. The difference is massive.

By the end of this year, Benling India Energy & Technology is expected to release its high-speed Aura electric scooter.

The Aura has received approval from various government-approved certification agencies like the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT), and manufacturing has already begun at Benling?s plant in Manesar, Haryana.

The features that are tailor-made for the average Indian consumer are it is powered by a 1200W BLDC electric motor and detachable 72V/40Ah lithium-ion battery. The scooter will give you a range of 110-120 km on a single charge with a top speed of 60 km/hour. The scooter weighs 95 kg. It is also equipped with a remote keyless system, which means that within a few yards of the scooter, you can press a button on the remote and start and stop the vehicle. It is also equipped with an anti-theft alarm, an additional rear-wheel integrated locking system, and a USB mobile charging facility. Benling Aura is expected to be priced around Rs 90,000 (ex-showroom).

A major feature of our scooter is the Breakdown Smart Assistance System (BSAS). Today, if any electrical component of a scooter suffers minimal damage less break down. But has a feature whereby if there are small problems with the controller, battery, motor or BMS, which can cause the scooter to stop, you can press the BSAS button, and the vehicle will continue to run. Only the speed will come down to 15-20 km/hour, and mileage will be affected.

Benling India Energy & Technology started operations in May 2019. In the last few months, the firm has already successfully launched three low-speed models, including the Kriti, Falcon, and Icon.

With a battery range of 70-75 km after a single charge, their features are more or less the same as the Aura in terms of pushbuttons, smart key, anti-theft alarms, USB charging ports, etc. The difference is that Aura has a better battery life, speed, and BSAS.

One exciting feature of these electric scooters that deserves mention is the smart parking assistance.

When the EV is stopped on the side of the street to say have a quick chat with a friend it is not necessarily to stop the engine. For EVs, this has become an issue. On the touch of a smart parking assistance button, the scooter will not move forward irrespective if you press the accelerator or not.


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