New Technology: What Went Wrong at Savitri River? Automatic Indicator Bridges the Solution to It.

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The Indian road network is over 5,603,293kms, on 31st March 2016. India ranks 2nd on the world as the largest road network, after the USA. The road network comprises of national highways, expressways, state highways, major district, and village roads. India ranks 2nd in the world for the roads, but the quality of the roads differs from places to places.

Why are bridges made? The bridge provides passage over the obstacle of small caverns, a valley, road, body of water, or other physical obstacles. Designs of bridges are different depending on the nature of the use and the function of the bridge and where it is constructed. A bridge is not a construction; it is a concept of crossing over large spans of land or huge masses of water, and to connect two far-off points, eventually reducing the distance between them.

What happened at Savitri River Bridge?

A bridge at Mahad on the Mumbai-Goa Highway collapsed late at night on 2nd August 2016. The bridge was an old one constructed during the British era. There was also another bridge. The old bridge was the one that collapsed. While the old bridge was used for vehicular traffic from Goa to Mumbai, the new bridge is used for transportation going from Mumbai to Goa. The new bridge was also closed down immediately after an old bridge collapsed. One of the main reasons for the collaboration would seem to be the high pressure caused due to flooding of the river Savitri as a result of the heavy rains in the catchment of Mahabaleshwar. Two state transport buses with 22 people have gone missing after the vehicles were swept away in the swollen Savitri River in the Konkan region (Raigad) as an old bridge collapsed at Mahad late night.

How does it work?

The idea of this Automatic Indicator Bridge was inspired by the Savitri river accident that took place in 2016. In this technology, two electromagnets are placed on the closed pillar-like structure. These electromagnets are connected to barricades placed on both ends of the bridge. The systems used in this bridge are an automatic indicator circuit. The indicators are placed on the closed pillar constructor on both ends of the bridge connected to the barricades. When the system detects any malfunctions on the bridge, the electromagnets circuit is a break, resulting in the barricades to fall on both ends. To further avoid any head-on collision signals are placed on both ends as well to indicate cars from a far distance to stop as the barricades are closed. This technology heavily uses the light indicators as their main element to signal public for danger on the bridge. These automatic indicators also inform the police department for further help in case of accidents. Adopting new technology is the smart way to avoid accidents caused by bridge damage, the collapsed bridge, etc. This technology is applied to the new construction of the bridge but also can be implemented on the existing bridges on India.


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