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No More drowning? Non-Manual Vessel Technology Helps Save Lives?Find Out!

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What Is A Lifeboat?

A lifeboat or life raft is a small, rigid or inflatable boat carried for emergency evacuation in the event of a disaster aboard a ship.

Lifeboat drills are required by law on larger commercial ships The latest addition in the lifeboats are the Unmanned Remote control lifeboat

The remote control type closed unmanned lifeboat is controlled by a remote control device and is safe and reliable

Why remote-controlled lifeboats?

At present, the common method is to rescue the mother ship by up rescue and down both sides is someone rescue boats to the rescue. But in adverse weather and sea conditions, the mother ship itself is not close to the victims or the ship, in order to avoid a collision with each other causing the other (or both) into a more dangerous situation; and someone rescue boat at this time into the water easily capsize, to rescue crew members, there is a serious security threat.

For the above problems, the present invention provides a closed type remote control unmanned boat, the size and configuration of the lifeboat has been improved to reduce the center of gravity of the lifeboat, reduces the size of the lifeboat, and the use of sealed waterproof structure, installed on the wireless remote control device, and the self-induction device remote visualization system, such that the lifeboat into the water can aid in bad weather and sea conditions, to solve the above deficiencies.

Researcher Who Made This Possible:

Nicola Tesla made the first remote-controlled small boat and his principles have been later used to create huge lifeboats for big ships and vessels


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