No More Wastage With The Simple Water Level Indicator Alarm?Find Out!

Water level indicator alarm

Water tank overflow is a common problem which leads to the wastage of water. Though there are many solutions to it like ball valves which automatically stop the water flow once the tank gets full. But being an electronic enthusiastic wouldn?t you like an electronic solution for it? So here is a simple alarm which will detect the water level and will raise an alarm upon getting the water tank full or a present level.

This water level indicator alarm consists of twelve levels. The circuit sounds an alarm when the water is below the lowest level or is above the topmost level. Also it contains LEDs for each corresponding level to show.

Invention of water level indicator alarm

Mr. Markose is 30 years of age and has studied up to the 9th standard. He is working on daily wages as a Lascar in Kerala Samuhya Jalasechana Samithi. He has invented new device called "Water Level Indicator" to monitor water level in wells. It can measure the depth of water level in bore wells.

Principle of the indicator

The working principle of a water level indicator is actually quite simple. Water level indicators work by using sensor probes to indicate water levels in a storage tank. These probes send information back to the control panel to trigger an alarm or indicator

Why use this system?

A water level controller helps save money by limiting the waste of water and electricity. These devices accurately regulate how much energy is used to protect against any unnecessary water/electricity usage. Over time, the money saved is quite substantial

Applications of Water Level Indicator

  • The water level indicator is used in Hotels, Home apartments, commercial complex, and in factories.
  • The pumps used in the water level indicator are single phase motor, submersible motor, and in three phase motor.
  • By using the two motors, two sumps, two overhead tanks we cannot control by a single circuit.
  • Automatically the pump will switch ON/OFF when the water level in the tank is empty and full.
  • We can also measure the fuel level in motor vehicles
  • The liquid level containers are huge in the companies

Advantages of Water Level Indicator

  • The water level indicators are low cost in the market
  • Any person can identify the water level easily by hearing the beep sound
  • By using this we can control the water level safely and easily

Water tank overflow is a common problem which leads to the wastage of water. This simple transistor based water level indicator circuit is very useful to indicate the water levels in a tank. Whenever tank gets filled, we get alerts on particular levels.


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