Now Anyone Can Make Water Purifier Using Just Corn Cobs! Check It Out!

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Earth has 70% of water. But among this 70% of water, only 2.5% is freshwater. And nowadays the world is facing a crisis of freshwater. This is only due to the pollution caused by humans. Due to pollution, the amount of drinkable freshwater is becoming less.

Thus to remove impurities from freshwater a new technique is introduced. This technique uses corn cobs for purification of water. Corn cob has high mechanical strength, porosity, and rigidity. That?s why corn cob can act as a suitable absorbent.

The basic function of this method is to absorb impurities bypassing the impure water through different sections of corn cobs. There are five sections in this purifier longitudinal sections of corn cobs, small pieces of corn cobs, corn cob powder, charcoal, and fine sand in order. When water is passed through L.S. of the corn cobs, comparatively large impurities get stuck in it. Then minute impurities get stuck into the second and third sections. And the micro impurities are filtered by Charcoal and fine sand. This method is easy and very useful for everyone.


There are many advantages to this method like:

  • This method can be used by chemical factories that drain the chemicals in freshwater.
  • This can be used as a water filter at home.
  • It can be used to filter the wastewater which is given out by the drainage system.
  • This method can be used by everyone since it?s cheap and can be made at home.

A Career In Relevant Field:

There are various career options in the field of water treatment like:

  • Industrial waste treatment technicians
  • Lead sewage plant operators
  • Liquid waste treatment plant operators
  • Sewage plant operators
  • Waste treatment operators
  • Wastewater operators
  • Wastewater treatment plant and system operators
  • Wastewater treatment plant operators
  • Water plant operators
  • Water treatment plant operators
  • Water treatment technicians

Researchers Who Are CurrentlyWorking On This Project:

There are various research papers available on the use of corn cob for water purification and some of them are:


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