Roadside Safety Is A Must: This motorcycle jacket has built-in lights that sync with your bike! Have A Look?

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Motorbike leathers are there to protect riders from injury, as well as to keep them warm while riding in colder climates. But darker leather jackets, which are some of the most popular available, also have an obvious downside: They make bikers difficult to see in the dark.

More than 60 percent of bikers? accidents are due to a lack of visibility

These are concerning stats, and it?s important to ensure maximum visibility and therefore stay as safe as possible) while riding on the road. But how do we do that?

Using the led jackets we can avoid the number of accidents and crashes

More About Led Jackets

Jacket improves its visibility in order to avoid crashes and save their lives.

More than visibility, it improves communication with road users. A warning mode will make the jacket blink and improve visibility in risky situations.

Brake light works autonomously, thanks to an on-board accelerometer. It intensifies the rear lights when slowing down

Smarter jackets

With smarter jackets, you have to connect your jacket to your smartphone via BlueTooth.

When you slow down, the phone?s accelerometer detects your braking and activates the rear brake lights.

When you turn, it activates the turn signals. When it sees you?re coming up to an intersection (using Google Maps), it will start strobing brighter

Let Us Know From The Researchers:

Lumenus company is extensively making these smart jackets for the safety of cyclists and motorists


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