?Safe Drive? technology that reduces the risk of accidents in large vehicles?Check It Out!

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What is safe-drive technology?

Trucks, lorries, and trailers encounter a lot of accidents due to three primary reasons:

1. Overloading vehicles with goods beyond permissible limits

2. Inadequate fastening of the back doors that lead to spilling of goods

3. Alcohol consumption by drivers

?Safe-drive technology? helps in keeping the vehicles safe from these 3 factors.


?Safe Driving? technology consists of a mechanism of sensors and microchip controllers that detect these 3 threats and restrict the vehicle?s movements in the presence of a threat.

In an instance, when the back door is not secured properly, or the vehicle is overloaded, or the driver has consumed alcohol, the respective sensors at each place sends a signal to the microchip controller that reduced the speed of the vehicle slowly and makes it stop completely. This helps the vehicle avoid accidents.


? This technology certainly avoids road accidents thus saves lives

? The mechanism doesn't rely on the driver to halt the vehicle, it automatically reduces the speed of the vehicle and stops it

? This system is less costly as compared to the installation of cameras or expensive locking technology

? Any truck, trailer or lorry can be customized with this technology, it doesn't need a high-tech vehicle in itself


? ?Safe-Driving? technology is risky in a few aspects, the slowing down of the vehicle should not take place while the vehicle is on an expressway. This can lead to a bigger accident.

? The mechanism does not include the monitoring of nearby vehicles before stopping the truck

Career prospects in vehicle engineering:

Automobile Engineering is one of the disciplines of engineering that trains students in manufacturing, designing and operating automobiles. It is a branch of vehicle engineering that manages aspects like electrical, mechanical, software electronic, and safety elements of buses, motorcycles, trucks, etc.

? Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai.

? PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.

? SCMS School of Engineering and Technology (SSET), Cochin.

? Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI), Mumbai.

? SRM University, Chennai.

Global researches on heavy vehicle safety on roads:

?The Heavy Vehicle Study: a case-control study investigating risk factors for the crash in long-distance heavy vehicle drivers in Australia?


Heavy vehicles accident causation & Management & Prevention of Traffic Accident Risks in Road Passenger and Goods Transport Undertakings



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