Safety Alert! Let's Get Smart With SMART LOCKERS!

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In today?s world, crime takes place every day, where we have to be more sure about our safety. There are atleast 2.5 thefts taking place a year, and one robbery every 13 seconds. Homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be robbed. In today's tough economy, home invasions are sadly becoming more real. People are losing their items, and many may never see them again. If you don't want your house robbed, this guide will show you some easy steps you can take to prevent a break-in.

Well, let's look at the various steps to curb this problem and get a definite solution!

Step1: Put An Alarm System: There are low-cost alarm systems available, at many security companies. It will help at least to wake people up when there is a robbery taken place which also saves time.

Step2: Make Sure Your Doors And Windows Are Locked: Always checking the doors and windows is a must to be in loop with the safety measures, which later would prevent burglars from entering as they would first target the outer space of the house.

Step3: Trust your neighbors. If you're going to be gone for a while, neighbors can help protect your house. You can give a spare key to your neighbors if you have a good relationship with them and can trust them to have your back in case of an emergency. Your neighbors can also report any suspicious activity if they see it.

Step4: Keep things put away and out of sight if possible, so a snooping stranger can't see valuables through windows. This goes for your car as well. Install thick curtains for your windows and make sure to close them when you are not home. You may want to buy a cover for your car if necessary, or leave your valuables out of sight.

Step5: If you have a glass next to your outside doors use a double deadbolt, so they can't reach in though broken glass and unbolt the door. Keep a key for the deadbolt inside the house near the door at all times so you can escape easily in case of a fire.

Step6: Plant thorny bushes near windows that may be vulnerable to break-in to deter thieves. Examples of such bushes are many types of roses, as well as holly plants. Roses and holly both look nice and have sharp thorns to prevent robbers from breaking in. Make sure to trim the plants whenever necessary.


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