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Save planet earth ? reduce and recycle plastic, Convert plastic to fuel?!

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With increasing urbanization, plastic waste management is a major global issue that governments face daily. The overproduction of waste has been causing negative impacts on our environment.

Waste reduction and valorization need to be taken to the next level. What are sustainable solutions for waste disposal & management?

Each type of waste corresponds to the management process. To properly manage waste, pre-sorting is necessary. This sorting allows the separation of recyclable from non-recyclable waste, and subsequently the energy recovery.

Plastic is a coin with two sides for human beings. It is very convenient indeed but we have to find better ways to dispose of them because they are just too hard to degrade themselves.

Over the next ten years, the amount of marine plastic waste will double and if we do not act, in 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish by weight.

Why is plastic waste harmful?

If all plastic waste made it into the landfill, it would surely be mined in the future, but currently, all plastic waste does not make it into our landfills. The United Nations estimates plastic accounts for four-fifths of the accumulated garbage in the world?s oceans. We need to stop polluting our oceans with plastic before it is too late and start collecting all plastics suitable for this new, fairly simple, a technology that is available now.

Here are ways to reduce your plastic waste:

? Bring your own shopping bag

? Stop buying bottled water

? Say no to plastic straws

? Skip disposable razors

? Switch from disposable diapers to cloth

? Rethink your food storage

Converting plastic to fuel

Plastic to fuel projects is beginning to gain traction in the energy industry, with raising awareness of the prolific environmental damage caused by single-use plastics and people?s insufficient recycling habits leading researchers to turn to alternative disposal methods for our mounting plastic output.

How Plastic Waste Is Turned Into Fuel

The technology is not overly complicated. plastics are shredded and then heated in an oxygen-free chamber (known as pyrolysis) to about 400 degrees celsius. As the plastics boil, gas is separated out and often reused to fuel the machine itself.

The fuel is then distilled and filtered. Because the entire process takes place inside a vacuum and the plastic is melted ? not burned, minimal to no resultant toxins are released into the air, as all the gases and or sludge are reused to fuel the machine

Plastic to Fuel Operating Companies

Japan. Sells International: , UK: Cynar , Washington, DC: Circle Pines, MN and International:, New York/Canada: JBI, Inc., Phillipines:, Hong Kong: Ecotech Recycling Social Enterprise, Las Vegas, NV

It's time to rethink plastic and save our wildlife and our oceans.


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