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Skin Cancer is the growth of the Cancerous Cells |How Does It Occur? Let's Find Out!

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skim cancer causes, symptoms

Skin cancer occurs due to the development of abnormal, cancerous cells that might spread to the other parts of the skin.

Skin cancer is the growth of cancerous cells on the skin. It occurs due to the development of abnormal, cancerous cells that might spread to the other parts of the skin. There are several types of skin cancer which might spread or continue to damage an area around the abnormal growth. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer across the world and accounts at around 40% cases.


There are signs and symptoms that help to recognize any abnormality but there is nothing that a person can be sure of. These signs include discoloured skin, abnormal growth, wounds that do not heal, ulcers in the skin, changes in an existing mole etc.

There are advancements in the medical science which have now given successful ways of treating cancer. Treatment depends on the type, location, age etc of the cancerous cells.


More than 90% of the cases are caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiations emitted by the sun. This excessive emission occurs due to the thinning of the ozone layer which of course acts as a filter to the harmful ultraviolet radiations. People with light skin colour, hazel or blue eyes, extra sensitive skin are exposed more towards the risk.

When ultraviolet radiations contribute mostly to this cause, other causes include smoking, having tobacco, sometimes genetic syndromes like moles that increase drastically, chronic wounds that are non-healing, Xrays, artificial methods of getting a tan like tanning beds, use of medicines that decrease immunity etc.

Smoking tobacco not only increases the chances of causing other types of cancer but also it contributes to an effective cause of skin cancer. Moles, abnormal growth marks since birth, birthmarks are not exactly cancerous but if at all there is any kind of growth in them, it is a cause to worry. Tanning beds are very common to get an artificial, cosmetic tan and as much as they are successful in providing tan, there are approximately 90% cases in which skin cancer occurs after this treatment.

Any wound that has been active for more than the stipulated time, blister-like red-pinkish mark or any rash that is growing every day, needs to be consulted.

It is said that use of sunscreens is an effective way of preventing skin cancer; however, the effectiveness cannot be measured. The changing lifestyle and more exposure to the harmful rays, all this drastically contributes to causing skin cancer.


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