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Traffic jams, pollution, derelict areas, these are problems that many cities face. And rising urban populations mean these problems may soon get a great deal worse. The move toward smarter cities is one way to help urban areas grow and become better places to live at the same time.

What Is A Smart City?

Smart city generally refers to the combination of urban innovation, human networks and the environment. The smart city concept recognizes the value of collaboration across various groups, such as academia, business, city government and citizen groups ? people coming together to find the most efficient solutions for the city of the future.

Smart cities are green cities. Not only should cities function better at every level, they should achieve smart, sustainable economic growth while minimizing their impact on the environment. At its most basic level, a city is a collection of networks: networks of people, technologies, infrastructure. When these networks work together well, they enable reduced energy consumption, optimal use of space and improved quality of life.

Advantages Of Smart City

In practice, there are many initiatives that lead to smarter cities. They can involve construction, building management, urban planning, revitalization, mass transportation and city administration, and that?s just the tip of the iceberg.

Renewable energies from wind, solar and thermal sources play a major role, because, among other things, public health depends on a healthy environment. Renewable energies support reduced fuel consumption and cleaner air, but cities will also have to learn to use energy more efficiently to really go green.

Buildings, for example, are responsible for 40% of the world?s energy consumption, making them an obvious target for cities that aim to reduce their carbon footprint.

Buildings are ripe for the age of smart cities, with an expanding web of development across myriad fields: green roofing, combined heat and power, solar tech and much more. Even more exotic and innovative ideas like power-generating elevators are gaining ground, as well.

Smart mission in India

Smart Cities Mission, sometimes referred to as Smart City Mission, is an urban renewal and retrofitting program by the Government of India with the mission to develop 100 smart cities across the country making them citizen friendly and sustainable. The Union Ministry of Urban Development is responsible for implementing the mission in collaboration with the state governments of the respective cities.

On 7 September 2019, the 10,000-acre Aurangabad Industrial City (AURIC) in Aurangabad, Maharashtra was inaugurated as the first green field industrial smart city of India.

Smart inside and out ? In many ways, the smart city concept is simply good urban planning that incorporates both advances in digital technology and new thinking in the age-old city concepts of relationships, community, environmental sustainability, participatory democracy, good governance and transparency.


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