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Smart Cleaner: Cleaning Just Got Simpler And Smarter With This Robotic Bluetooth Cleaner

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Smart floor cleaner

The advancements made in technology of robotics have made life of mankind very much easier and comfortable.

In recent years, robots have been used for various cleaning purposes. Robots have various cleaning expertise like mopping, picking up the waste, wet floor cleaning, dry vacuum cleaning etc.

How does it work?

Smart floor cleaning robot has been designed for home and office environments. This robot will be using water storage with anti-infection solution which is pumped with water pump motor. This robot on receiving the commands from the android device cleans an area using a cleaning pad by spraying water on the floor.

After cleaning the wet floor, it can drain the dirty water into the required container as per the commands given to it. The robotic arm is used for efficient and effective wet floor cleaning purpose. This system can also be used to pick up the objects and carry them within the Bluetooth range.

The proposed system is a manual system because it is controlled by android application which is operated by humans. The proposed system functioning is entirely depended on the commands that are received from the android app.

Advantage over conventional robotic vacuum cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner which includes self-drive mode and cleans the floor autonomously without human control.

This robot vacuum cleaner consists of spinning brushes, mopping, UV sterilization and security cameras for cleaning purpose. Conventional vacuum cleaner had some drawbacks like colliding with obstacles and stopped at a shorter distance from walls and other objects. It was not able to reach all corners and edges of the room and left those areas unclean .

This automatic floor cleaner robot has brushes attached to its sides to collect the dust. This robot uses ultrasonic sensors to avoid obstacles and changed its direction and it has a suction unit that sucks in the dust while moving around the room freely.

This research paper presents that floor cleaning process can be done in an easier manner and more efficiently by robot utilizing wireless robotic system. This proposed robot reduces the time and cost of labor.

Researchers Who Promoted Smart cleaning:

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