?Smart Commode Chair? helps patients to easily perform excreting tasks with minimum manual efforts

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A commode chair is a type of chair used by patients who can perform restricted movements and senior citizens who need help using the toilet due to age, illness, injury or disability.

Ordinary commode chair has certain limitations due to which it needs the support of technology. A ?Smart Commode Chair? helps patients avail toilet facilities near themselves. It helps them get independent as they can easily flush and clean themselves with the help of ?Smart Commode Chair?. These chairs have a removable pail and flip-back armrests.


Smart commode chairs are movable toilets consisting of:

Commode seat with a height adjusting lever

Pot to collect waste

Flush to dunk the waste

Jet spray and pipe

A detachable collection tank to deposit the waste

An outlet pipe to filter water out of the tank

Automatic/Manual curtains

Air fresheners

Wheels and stoppers

The seat for the commode is adjustable to the height of the patient. Once a person uses the commode to perform excretion, they can use the easily accessible flush valve to get rid of their waste. The tanks release water in the commode through the inlet pipes with a force due to the valve, this helps in self-cleaning of the pot. A small hand shower works like a jet spray. The waste is collected in the tank. This tank is detachable and can be used for transferring waste in generating organic fertilizers or biogas. Manual or Automatic curtains can help maintain privacy and air fresheners and toilet cleaners can be used for hygiene. The wheels and stoppers help the device to move and get parked.


? This device gives ease of use for patients and elderly people

? It is movable and can be moved in the best possible proximity of the user

? This device can help people with getting support on the specifically engineered movable seat and armrest.

? The easily accessible flush and the spray helps the patients to clean themselves without depending on nurses

? The waste collected in the tank can be easily reused for biogas or fertilizer


? This commode cannot be used by bedridden patients due to the limitations in its movements

? This commode can spread odor, viruses and attract flies

? It is unhygienic to clean the waste tank manually

? This device doesn't replace the toilet system in the aspect of privacy and hygiene

Scope of Improvement:

? The toilet cleaning mechanism should take care of odor and complete waste removal from pot

? The jet spray should be with a click of a button to give maximum ease of use

? The curtains should be able to enclose the pod completely

? The design should be made more compact for household use

A Career in Product Engineering:

One can pursue a career in designing solution-oriented products that address modern-day problems. A Bachelor's or PG Degree in Industrial Design or Product Design can be useful.

? NID, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

? MIT, Pune

? IIT Delhi - Instrument Design and Development Centre

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