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Solar Energy: A Key To Sustainable Energy?Find Out How!

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Climate change is real. It is happening all around us and it is affecting our future generations. Rising global temperature, depleting ice sheets, increasing ocean levels, and unpredictable weather patterns are now common.

We direly need to stop combustion of fuel leading to toxic greenhouse gases like Sulphur Di-oxide and Carbon Monoxide. We also should stop consuming non-renewable sources of energy to create energy. This is only giving rise to the production of more toxic waste.

With such rising concerns haunting the future of humankind, solar energy is a refreshing sigh of relief. Each and every sector is trying to adopt this renewable form of energy. It's easy, it's freely accessible, it's cheap, and it's clean.

Agriculture is one such sector, which can benefit hugely due to the adoption of solar energy. Farmers need to know that we cannot cut any more forests or we won?t be able to do farming due to scanty or no rainfall! We have the same land but a growing demand for crops due to the increasing population and commercialization of food! Farmers now have the pressure of giving higher yield with the same resources.

How can this be done?

  • Year-round irrigation: Rains during the season can help grow one crop, after this if the land remains unutilized, the farmer will waste loose on the opportunity to earn during the offseason. A year-round water supply can help in seizing this opportunity.
  • Smart plowing and harvesting technology: The technology to plow the field and harvest the field, faster, with minimal wastage and less human efforts have been developed across the world. Rural farmers cannot use it due to the absence of electricity or cost-efficient fuel.
  • Use of smart inventory and storage: Inventory and storage helps keep the stock of agricultural produce in good condition

In order to use all these technologies, farmers need the support of Solar energy.

Application of Solar Energy in Agriculture:

  • Solar energy possesses a huge potential for pumping water for irrigation, livestock, and crops.
  • Some livestock needs a continuous supply of fresh air, produces like milk and meat need cold storage, this can be provided through solar power
  • Solar water heaters can provide hot water for cattle cleaning and pen cleaning etc.
  • Solar energy can be used to dry crops and grains

Companies in India that manufacture Solar panels for agricultural use


Shakti Solar

Bright Solar

Researches in India on Solar Power applicability:


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