Stay Alert! Stay Safe! Accidents Do Not Knock At Your Door They Come Uninvited? Let Us Read Further!

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An accident is an unexpected, unusual, unintended external action that occurs in particular time and place. The carelessness of the driver is the major factor for accident. The government has made rules that rider should compulsorily wear the helmet and not consume alcohol and drive. Still the riders do not obey the rules. These accidents are caused due to negligence of the rider. Not wearing the helmet causes the rider with head injuries which may lead to death of the rider. In order to overcome this an intelligent system, smart helmet is proposed, it detects the helmet and also the alcohol present in rider?s breath. This system has a pair of transmitter and receiver, the transmitter is placed in the helmet and the receiver is placed at the bike ignition. There are different sensors to ensure the helmet is on the head. These vibration sensors are placed in helmet where the probability of hitting is more. An alcohol sensor is placed near the mouth of the rider. The alcohol sensor detects the presence of alcohol in rider?s breath. The data of the detection of helmet and alcohol is coded with RF encoder and then transmitted through radio frequency transmitter. The receiver at the bike receives the data and the data is decoded using RF decoder. The result of presence of helmet and alcohol detection is analyzed on the smartphone. The proposed system will be so designed that if one of the two conditions is violated then also the bike won?t start. The bike will start only if both conditions are followed. This smart helmet will help the rider to compulsory wear helmet and restrict drink and drive condition. MCU controls the function of relay and the ignition, it controls the engine through a relay and a relay interfacing circuit. An accident is said to be any vehicle accident occurring on a public highway. These accidents, therefore, include collisions between vehicles and animals, vehicles and pedestrians, or vehicles and fixed obstacles. e to report the average accidents per day in India are around 1600 and 550 people are dying each day because of road accidents.

The main causes of road accidents are drunk and drive and not wearing helmet. The usage of helmet by two-wheeler riders are compulsory under Motor Vehicle Act. Section 129 of Motor Vehicle act 1988 makes it must for a rider to wear the helmet. Consumption of alcohol reduces the concentration of the rider. It prevents the rider's vision due to giddiness. Alcohol obscure fear and actuate the rider to take risks. All the above factors cause accidents while driving and many times it proves dire consequences. The risk of accident doubles for every increase of 0.05 blood alcohol concentration. To make this matter worse Indian traffic officials are not well equipped with the necessary equipment required to check. In India, more than 150,000 people are killed each year in traffic accidents.

That?s about 400 fatalities a day and far higher than developed auto markets like the US. Which in 2016 was logged about 40,000 With smart magnetic technology and alcohol sensor, we can prevent accidents.


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