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Tech-Friendly Farming: With Smart Sowing And Ploughing Machines!

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In the current generation, most of the countries do not have sufficient skilled manpower specifically in the agricultural sector and it affects the growth of developing countries. So it?s time to automate the sector to overcome this problem.

The conventional method for seeding is the manual one and it requires more time & the manpower shortage is faced continuously. But in the case of sowing and plowing machine, it is also used for small scale area and it has a low cost, efficient for the farmer and it has no manpower.

How automatic machine works?

In this system, the seed storage tank is used. When the seeds are empty it detects the level of storage seed and indicates the alarm. When any obstacle comes in the in-front of the machine or diverts path the seed sowing machine can detect this obstacle very easily. In each complete rotation of rotating wheel there are seeds falls from this seed drum and the seed plantation process can be taken place smoothly as well as without wastage of seeds. The end of system machine reached and it creates an alarm.This system provides the entire facility and farmers sow the seeds very easily.


In each complete rotation of the rotating Wheel, there is a seed that falls from this seed drum and seed plantation process taken place smoothly and without wastage of seeds. The sowing disc is rotated in the seed chamber, the seeds are falls in the seed chamber through seed storage tank.The seed buckets are collect the seeds from the chamber and its sow in the ground as required depth with the help of plowing. Also any obstacle comes in front of seed sowing machine the ultrasonic sensor detects that obstacle and indicates the buzzer.

Researcher Working Currently On Plowing And Sowing:

Prasanna Raut, Pradip Shirwale, Abhijeet Shitole have done A Survey On Smart Famer Friendly Robot Using Zigbee


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