The Oil Removing Bucket: An Innovative Tool To Improve the Indian Health

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A very important part of Indian cuisine is the oil and the types of oils we use. Different regions have different preferences for their meals, like Kerala and the Coconut oil they use in most traditional preparations of their cuisine. However, while the oils bring out a hidden layer of taste and texture to the food, its overconsumption is also the primary cause of several health issues like acidity, development of high cholesterol levels and even blocks in blood vessels. Hence, innovations proved necessary for creating a method to not only enjoy the taste given by the oil to the food without necessarily eating all of it.

The oil removing bucket is one such device, here, the food article in need of oil removal must be placed in an automated bucked that, on the pressing of a switch, starts to spin. Here, on spinning, the oil due to its lower density than the food itself rises off the food that is being spun due to the centrifugal force that is being applied to it, thus providing us with drier food. This device is life-saving in many ways as it reduces the chances of acidity, high cholesterol levels in the blood and blockage in the heart. These blockages could be especially dangerous as it could lead to an individual going into cardiac arrest due to a restriction of blood flow to the heart. These can be fatal and dangerous and are better off prevented.

This innovation is important in today?s society because of the growth of obesity we see around us today. Due to the advancement of technology, the availability of anything is merely at the tip of your fingers and this leads to a growth of laziness and lethargy among even the youth. Hence, it is essential to utilize tools like this in order to promote a healthier lifestyle in a way that does not require you to make drastic lifestyle choices and is an easy step to take. This enables us to promote a healthier India that is also concerned with her health and lifestyle.


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