The Young Generation Launches The ROCKET VSLV?Lets Find Out!


VSSUT Student Satellite Vehicle is India?s most successful student satellite launch vehicle developed by a team of engineers.Situated on the banks of Mahanadi River VSSUT is located at the outskirts of Sambalpur. Students from the institution, especially from its Mechanical and Civil departments take great pride in the college?s legacy in fulfillingthat promise. The project aims to become the one stop monitoring system for Odisha?s Hirakud dam.

The idea of developing the college?s own satellite came up which will monitor the Hirakud dam and provide highly accurate data to its monitoring authorities.

Driven by its cause and technological challenge involved, more students from varied departments joined the initiative. It is the longest dam in India and it faced a lot of problems like siltation and cracks and the tremendous flow makes it impossible to use technologies and detect the problems, even drones are not allowed to that height and that is the reason the this team has invented rocket VSLV.VSLV has also been registered in the Limca book of records as well as Indian book of records.The team has successfully built, launched, and tested their indigenously developed satellite and rockets.

The rocket is retrieved using a parachute and reused. The satellite can be used to monitor agricultural lands, observe water distribution and manage irrigation. It can also be implemented to analyse depth, flood water drainage, rate of siltation and amount of sedimentation and create 3D maps.

Their last launch attained a height of 2.3 km. The team won Asia?s first inter college competition.

The complete project is divided into 10missions, with the first mission being successful launch of VSLV into the one kilometre apogee. This is being followed by subsequent launchings of VSLV to two, four, eight and ten kilometres in the days to come.

After implementations of successful remodels in future versions, the team aims to launch the final mission of 40 kilometres. The long term plan is to deploy rockets up to 40 kilometres. The team plans to deploy satellites to near earth orbit and monitor the Hirakud Dam. It will monitor water level, soil erosion and reservoir?s overall health.

Now that they are capable of building and deploying launch vehicles, they are also planning of building startups. They wish to lay the foundation of our space journey with this step.



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