Travelling Gets More Interesting! Introducing Ways to Balance The Population With Advance Railway Bridge!

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Transport has been essential in our lives, without which our life would be really difficult. People have their own vehicles to travel by, but what about the locals? They have only buses or trains. Even to save time many people from good families travel by these commuters. But, As we see the population has been increasing and the maximum crowd is at the station areas where the load on the bridges gets to a great level due to which we have bridges collapsing. We must have heard of the Elphinston Bridge which injured so many of the innocents and 20 died.

The only solution is a population policy applied on a worldwide scale. This site provides you ? per language and, where possible, per country ? with articles, films and images from all over the world showing what overpopulation is and why a population policy is important.

Unfortunately too often any discussion of overpopulation or of population policies is taboo.

Therefore, The Extended Railway Bridge is Introduced to curb and bring a balance to our Indian Population, it is an extension of the bridge people walk on which can divide the public usage and also alongside be an easy route for the people as well. Stations like Thane, Kalyan, Dombivali, Virar face such problems almost every day and many die on a daily basis. By constructing this extended bridge, pedestrians can have enough space to stand and walk. Also if the people are many on that extended bridge, there would be an indicator to assure them that there have been many feet walking on the bridge. This way, it is easy as well as balancing the population in such crowded places.


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