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Use ?Smart Bin? For Disposal Of Waste In A Smart Way! Find Out How!

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In India, waste management is one of the most important issues. The problem starts with the basic use of a dust bin, that is even if the dust bins are available on roads people throw their garbage anywhere. The garbage gets dumped in sea, creeks or any waterbody which causes water pollution and harms aquatic flora and fauna. That?s why we need a solution so that people will dispose of their waste properly in dustbins rather than throwing it anywhere.

Thus Smart bin is introduced. It?s a method for disposal of waste in a smart way. Smart bin is equipped with alarm lights that notify people when the dustbin gets filled, it has LED lights which surround the mouth of a dustbin, it works as a signifier to show people where the dustbin is in the night. It also has a camera which records who is throwing garbage inside dustbin and who is throwing outside, so that the people who throw garbage outside would be fined. To give power to all these electric devises Smart bin is equipped with a solar panel which gives it energy via circuits connected to it. This is one of the great inventions.


There are various advantages to this method like:

  • We can capture whoever is throwing garbage outside the dustbin.
  • It can be used on roads as well as in houses.
  • It can make people throw garbage in the dustbin by showing people that someone is watching them.
  • It will help people with proper waste management and will help to decrease problems regarding waste management.

IOT careers:

One needs to have a knowledge of Business Intelligence, Application Design, Hardware

(Sensors, embedded chips), Network and Data Security to be able to work in IoT. One can pursue an M. Eng. or M. Tech. in Electronics and take specialization or courses in IoT and Computer Applications.

Research institutes working on ?Smart Dustbins? technology:

VIT School of Information Technology and Engineering


Smart Dustbin (Project Proposal Under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan 2.0 )

JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida

Digitalization and intelligent robotics in value chain of circular economy-oriented waste management - A review.

Smart Waste Collection System with Low Consumption LoRaWAN Nodes and Route Optimization.


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